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We are Unger Window & Door

With over two decades of expertise, Unger Window and Door Ltd. extends its family-owned and operated services from Chilliwack to Vancouver, specializing in the supply and installation of superior residential and commercial products. Our comprehensive customer service covers all project phases—from initial consultation to ensure solution-oriented product selection, to installation with full warranty details for a well-informed purchase, all handled by our own skilled crew to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Understanding the diverse climate of the Fraser Valley, our offerings are designed to withstand its full seasonal range, ensuring products meet NAFS standards and comply with the BC Building Code for both new constructions and renovations. Committed to innovation, quality, and efficiency, we invite clients to explore our energy-efficient and high-performance solutions at our showroom to find the perfect fit for their needs.

Founded by Kevin Unger, Unger Window & Door Ltd. began as a humble enterprise, evolving from Kevin's experiences at "Dargatz Glass and Door" and his own father's teachings. With a Ford Ranger and a utility trailer, Kevin launched the business in 2006, laying the groundwork for future expansion from residential to commercial markets.

Graeme Unger joined the family business in 2008, initially as a junior installer, and over time, he advanced to management, enhancing the company’s operations and client offerings. His evolution within the company mirrored its own growth, as he led initiatives that improved efficiency and expanded the business into new areas, including commercial storefront sales.

The transition of leadership to Graeme Unger in January 2023 marked a new era for the company, as he purchased the business from his retiring parents, Kevin and Rochelle. This change was marked by a seamless continuation of the company’s values and dedication to quality, signalling a respect for legacy combined with a forward-looking vision.

Today, Unger Window & Door Ltd. is a symbol of the Ungers' enduring passion for their craft, the result of years of dedication and a commitment to excellence. With a full fleet and a professional team, the company not only reflects the achievements of its founders but also stands ready to embrace future opportunities for growth and innovation in the industry.

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We are family-owned and operated, serving customers from Chilliwack to Vancouver with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We provide residential and commercial supply and installation of a wide variety of high-quality products.

Our Products & Services


We offer the supply and installation of:

  • Vinyl Sliding Windows
  • Euro Style Casement Windows (Dual or Triple Glazing)
  • Coloured Windows (Powder Coated Aluminum Clad or Acrylic Wrap)
  • Custom Exterior Doors (Factory Painted / Stained / Primed)
  • Executive & Legacy Series RollScreens
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We also offer the following commercial products:

  • Commercial steel doors
  • Storefronts (Flush Glaze or Curtain Wall)
  • Electric Handicap Operators
  • Bathroom Hardware & Partitions
  • Commercial Door Hardware
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Our Team

We are family-owned and operated, serving customers from Chilliwack to Vancouver with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We provide residential and commercial supply and installation of a wide variety of high-quality products.

Image of a team cheering at sunset.
Image of Andrew.
Andrew Bittner
Service Aficionado

Andrew Bittner is your amiable service expert at Unger Window & Door, with a rich 18+ year background in the industry and a knack for meat smoking. Having contributed five years to the team, Andrew is your reliable contact for anything from service appointments to glass and door replacements, including the fine details like phantom roll screens and butterfly clips. His commitment to customer satisfaction and the Fraser Valley community is unwavering, ready to serve with a smile.

Image of Arin.
Arin Morin
Lead Residential Installer

Arin Morin, the Lead Residential Installer at Unger Window & Door, is not only a Red Seal carpenter and Fenestration BC certified expert but a relationship-builder dedicated to enhancing home comfort and aesthetics. With eight years in construction and three years at Unger, Arin blends his building science expertise with his love for video games and sports, infusing each installation project with skill and a competitive edge.

Image of Bryce.
Bryce Waugh
Service Technician

Bryce Waugh is the energetic Service Technician at Unger Window & Door, boasting five years of industry experience. Bryce is known for his technical acumen and problem-solving prowess, ensuring every repair is done with a smile and efficiency. When not in service, he’s a sports fan with a relaxed personal style, always ready to add a cheerful vibe to the workspace.

Image of Cam.
Cam Spear
Steel Door & Hardware Installer

Cam Spear is the meticulous steel door and hardware installer at Unger Window & Door, bringing seven years of diverse construction expertise to the team. Known for his detail-oriented work ethic, Cam is as passionate about UFC as he is precise in door installations, blending his love for construction with a zest for mixed martial arts.

Image of Courtney.
Courtenay Unger
Owner & Social Chair

Courtenay Unger is the vibrant Owner and Social Chair at Unger Window & Door, whose business acumen and community spirit are as extensive as her love for animals and adventure. With a background as a business credit analyst, Courtenay drives the company's financial success while also crafting a work culture full of excitement and unity.

Image of Evan.
Evan Davies
Project Manager, Steel Door & Hardware Estimator

Evan Davies, the Steel Door & Hardware Estimator and Project Manager at Unger Window & Door, offers a wealth of 12 years of industry experience to the team. A dedicated professional and family man, Evan's expertise and approachability extend from precise project management to the light-hearted enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures, including his newfound interest in golf.

Image of Graeme.
Graeme Unger
Owner & President

Graeme Unger, the driven Owner, President, and Commercial Storefront Estimator at Unger Window & Door, is recognized for his unwavering dedication to quality and service. With a tenure as storied as myth, Graeme’s expertise has earned him business accolades and respect as an industry speaker, all while balancing his roles as a family man and an enthusiastic golfer.

Image of Josiah.
Josiah Alleckna
Residential Sales

Josiah Alleckna, the dynamic force of the Residential Sales team at Unger Window & Door, uses his six-year tenure to make window and door shopping an enjoyable experience. Balancing his passion for fitness and food, Josiah is as committed to customer service as he is to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ensuring a seamless and respectful installation process.

Image of Kelcie.
Kelcie Bourassa
Lead Fabricator & Commercial Glazier

Kelcie Bourassa, the Lead Fabricator and Commercial Glazier at Unger Window & Door, leverages over a decade of industry experience to innovate and problem-solve in every project. As a certified Red Seal Glazier, Kelcie combines his robust fabrication skills with an adventurous spirit, ensuring the company’s glazing work is always of the highest quality.

Image of Rochelle.
Rochelle Unger
Bookkeeper & Service Department Admin

Rochelle Unger is the meticulous Bookkeeper and Service Department Admin at Unger Window & Door, with an admirable 17-year tenure. As a co-founder, she’s as efficient with numbers as she is passionate about wine and family, providing the company with steadfast financial management and a heartwarming dedication to life’s pleasures.

Image of Todd.
Todd Baker
Logistics & Delivery Driver

Todd Baker, the Logistics & Delivery Driver at Unger Window & Door, surprises all with his vibrant past as a golf teacher in Japan. With over 27 years in sports and 1.5 years with Unger, Todd ensures that every delivery is as spot-on as his golf swing, bringing energy and entertainment to the team and events alike.