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We are Unger Window & Door

With over two decades of expertise, Unger Window and Door Ltd. extends its family-owned and operated services from Chilliwack to Vancouver, specializing in the supply and installation of superior residential and commercial products. Our comprehensive customer service covers all project phases—from initial consultation to ensure solution-oriented product selection, to installation with full warranty details for a well-informed purchase, all handled by our own skilled crew to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Understanding the diverse climate of the Fraser Valley, our offerings are designed to withstand its full seasonal range, ensuring products meet NAFS standards and comply with the BC Building Code for both new constructions and renovations. Committed to innovation, quality, and efficiency, we invite clients to explore our energy-efficient and high-performance solutions at our showroom to find the perfect fit for their needs.

Founded by Kevin Unger, Unger Window & Door Ltd. began as a humble enterprise, evolving from Kevin's experiences at "Dargatz Glass and Door" and his own father's teachings. With a Ford Ranger and a utility trailer, Kevin launched the business in 2006, laying the groundwork for future expansion from residential to commercial markets.

Graeme Unger joined the family business in 2008, initially as a junior installer, and over time, he advanced to management, enhancing the company’s operations and client offerings. His evolution within the company mirrored its own growth, as he led initiatives that improved efficiency and expanded the business into new areas, including commercial storefront sales.

The transition of leadership to Graeme Unger in January 2023 marked a new era for the company, as he purchased the business from his retiring parents, Kevin and Rochelle. This change was marked by a seamless continuation of the company’s values and dedication to quality, signalling a respect for legacy combined with a forward-looking vision.

Today, Unger Window & Door Ltd. is a symbol of the Ungers' enduring passion for their craft, the result of years of dedication and a commitment to excellence. With a full fleet and a professional team, the company not only reflects the achievements of its founders but also stands ready to embrace future opportunities for growth and innovation in the industry.

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We are family-owned and operated, serving customers from Chilliwack to Vancouver with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We provide residential and commercial supply and installation of a wide variety of high-quality products.

Our Products & Services


We offer the supply and installation of:

  • Vinyl Sliding Windows
  • Euro Style Casement Windows (Dual or Triple Glazing)
  • Coloured Windows (Powder Coated Aluminum Clad or Acrylic Wrap)
  • Custom Exterior Doors (Factory Painted / Stained / Primed)
  • Executive & Legacy Series RollScreens
Image of a modern and clean kitchen with window.


We also offer the following commercial products:

  • Commercial steel doors
  • Storefronts (Flush Glaze or Curtain Wall)
  • Electric Handicap Operators
  • Bathroom Hardware & Partitions
  • Commercial Door Hardware
Image of a commercial building with windows.

Our Team

We are family-owned and operated, serving customers from Chilliwack to Vancouver with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We provide residential and commercial supply and installation of a wide variety of high-quality products.

Image of a team cheering at sunset.
Image of Andrew.
Andrew Bittner
Service Aficionado

Meet Andrew Bittner, the friendly face and service aficionado at Unger Window & Door! With a passion for connecting with people, he is the go-to guy for all your window and door needs. Whether you’re looking to schedule a service appointment or in need of glass replacement, a door closer, a phantom roll screen, or even just a butterfly clip, he’s got you covered! Andrew has proudly been a part of the Unger Window & Door family for 5 years, bringing his 18+ years of industry expertise to serve the community. Apart from his adventures here, you might spot him at home rocking a plaid shirt and perfecting his smoking meat skills. They say that when you hit the big 5-0, you either become a World War II buff or start smoking meat – well, he chose the latter! At Unger Window & Door, we’re committed to serving you, the community, and the Fraser Valley. So, let’s get this show on the road and find that beef you’re looking for!

Image of Arin.
Arin Morin
Lead Residential Installer

Arin Morrin is the charismatic Lead Residential Installer at Unger Window & Door. With a Red Seal in carpentry and Fenestration BC certification under his belt, Arin is a versatile installer with extensive knowledge in building science. But that’s not all – Arin believes in more than just the technical aspects of his job. He strives to build strong and lasting relationships with clients, understanding the transformative impact that windows and doors have on home comfort and aesthetics.Beyond the world of windows and doors, Arin has a few passions that add to his vibrant personality. When he’s not expertly installing, you might find him immersed in the digital realm, battling virtual foes in his favorite video games. Arin also has a passion for sports and can often be found on the field or court, unleashing his competitive spirit.With 3 years of dedicated service at Unger Window & Door and a total of eight years in construction and carpentry, Arin Morrin is a true professional who brings enthusiasm, skill, and a touch of fun to every project.

Image of Bryce.
Bryce Waugh
Service Technician

Meet Bryce Waugh, the dynamic Service Technician at Unger Window & Door. With a tenure length of 2 years backed up by another 3 years in the industry, he brings a captivating blend of technical expertise and unwavering enthusiasm to our team. Bryce is not only a master at fixing things but also a maestro who can make the seemingly impossible work like a charm. Whether it’s a broken window or a malfunctioning door, Bryce’s knack for problem solving knows no bounds. Off the clock, you can find him enjoying a refreshing beer while cheering on his favorite sports team. And yes, he firmly believes that life is too short to spend hours perfecting his hairstyle and prefers the “bedhead” look in the morning. With Bryce around, you can count on top-notch service and a jovial atmosphere that keeps everyone in a good mood.

Image of Cam.
Cam Spear
Steel Door & Hardware Installer

Meet Cam Spear, the daringly adept steel door and hardware installer at Unger Window & Door. With a tenure of 6 months under his belt, Cam brings a wealth of construction experience spanning over 7 years. He’s like a Swiss Army knife of construction trades!Cam’s meticulous attention to detail and precision-driven approach have earned him a reputation for transforming spaces one door at a time. He’s not just an installer; he’s an artist wielding a hammer and screwdriver, doors are the unsung heroes of architecture, after all! But it’s not all serious business for Cam, when he’s not mastering the art of installing doors, you’ll find Cam cheering on his favorite fighters in the UFC. He’s traveled all across Canada to catch those epic events, making sure he never misses a knockout. For Cam, it’s all about precision in work and a punch of excitement outside of it.

Image of Courtney.
Courtenay Unger
Owner & Social Chair

Meet Courtenay Unger, the vibrant force behind our company’s contagious enthusiasm! As an Owner and the Social Chair, she brings an infectious energy that sets the stage for a thriving culture, both within our team and the local community. Courtenay is the epitome of “The Fun One”, always finding innovative ways to enhance employee experiences and foster a sense of togetherness. With her extensive background as a business credit analyst, she ensures we have the financial guidance we need to flourish. Courtenay’s partnership with Graeme, her complete opposite, creates a dynamic and complementary synergy that makes them an unbeatable duo. Beyond work, Courtenay’s passions extend to the animal kingdom, where she spreads love and kindness, and to exploring the world, where she seeks new adventures. And yes, her love for her kids is unwavering … for the most part, even on those occasional challenging days. Get ready to embrace the fun side of business with Courtenay!

Image of Evan.
Evan Davies
Project Manager, Steel Door & Hardware Estimator

Introducing Evan Davies, the Steel Door & Hardware Estimator and Project Manager Guru. While Evan might be new to the Unger team, he brings over 12 years of experience in the industry, both in residential and commercial projects. But don’t let his professional demeanor fool you – Evan is a family man through and through. In fact, he still finds joy in indulging in a good old pirate pack from time to time. Rumor has it that golf is a required subskill for his position, and Evan is excited to take up the challenge and learn how to sharpen his skills on the green. With his blend of expertise, dedication, and a touch of whimsy, Evan is ready to tackle any project that comes his way and ensure that every steel door and hardware estimate is nothing short of exceptional.

Image of Graeme.
Graeme Unger
Owner & President

Meet Graeme Unger, the unstoppable force behind our company. As the Owner, President, Commercial Storefront Estimator, and Project Manager, he wears many hats (figuratively and literally). With a tenure that spans longer than the Loch Ness Monster’s existence, Graeme has dedicated himself to delivering nothing short of excellence. His infectious passion for high-quality products and top-notch service is simply unmatched. Not only does he take pride in educating clients, but he also goes above and beyond to ensure they make informed decisions. Graeme’s true talent lies in his ability to create a harmonious system, an environment that fosters growth, and a culture that brings out the best in everyone. In recognition of his outstanding dedication, he has received prestigious nominations for Business of the Year from the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce. When he’s not juggling a million tasks, you might find Graeme sharing his expertise as a guest speaker at contractor forum events or lending his insights to the Home Performance Stakeholder Council, where he helps shape the sustainable home performance industry. Oh, and did we mention that due to being a superhuman, Graeme somehow manages to not just be a dedicated businessman; he’s also a loving family man with 2 kids and a beautiful wife. When he’s not conquering the business world, Graeme enjoys teeing off on the golf course. The answer is no, he doesn’t have time, but he does it anyway!

Image of Josiah.
Josiah Alleckna
Residential Sales

Meet Josiah Alleckna, the enthusiastic powerhouse behind our Residential Sales team. With a tenure of 6 years, Josiah has become a window and door wizard, dedicated to making your shopping experience fun and stress-free. He’s the go-to guy for homeowners seeking to upgrade or transform their humble abodes. Josiah takes pride in his contribution to the company by crafting a customer-friendly installation overview and preparation guideline, ensuring that every step of the process is carried out with utmost respect and integrity.But here is the fun part: Josiah has a love affair with both fitness and food! It’s not an easy feat to maintain his peak physical form while indulging in delectable treats, but he manages to strike the perfect balance. You’ll never catch him without a protein shake and snacks close by, always ready to refuel. So, when Josiah’s not busy making homeowner’s dreams come true, you might spot him flexing his muscles or relishing in a delicious feast.

Image of Kelcie.
Kelcie Bourassa
Lead Fabricator & Commercial Glazier

Meet Kelcie Bourassa, the Lead Fabricator and Commercial Glazier extraordinaire at Unger Window & Door. With over a decade of industry experience and almost a year of dedicated service with our team, Kelcie brings a refreshing blend of expertise and creativity to every project. Known for his love of problem-solving, he thrives on taking unique challenges and finding innovative solutions. Kelcie is a certified Red Seal Glazier, showcasing his exceptional skills and knowledge in the field. But don’t let his tough exterior fool you – behind those strong muscles lies an unexpected secret. Kelcie’s muscles aren’t just for show; he can lift, bend, and twist with the best of them. When he’s not pushing the limits of storefront fabrication, you can find Kelcie exploring new hobbies and embracing his adventurous spirit. Get ready to see glazing taken to a whole new level with Kelcie Bourassa!

Image of Rochelle.
Rochelle Unger
Bookkeeper & Service Department Admin

Meet Rochelle Unger, our extraordinary Bookkeeper and Service Department Manager who has been with our company for an incredible 17 years! With a tenure that impressive, she’s practically part of the furniture (in the best way possible). Rochelle’s contributions to our organization are immeasurable as she played a pivotal role in founding the company back in 2006. She holds the company record for the fastest calculator typing speed. Some say she might actually be a human calculator in disguise!When Rochelle isn’t crunching numbers and keeping our financial ship sailing smoothly, she indulges in her love for the finer things in life. She’s a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast from exploring various tasting events to spending quality time with her grandkids, Rochelle believes that life is all about savoring the sweet moments. Rochelle is a true asset to our team. She adds that special touch of spirit that keeps us smiling every day.

Image of Todd.
Todd Baker
Logistics & Delivery Driver

Meet Todd Baker, our Logistics & Delivery Driver at Unger Window & Door Ltd. Don’t let his seemingly unassuming appearance fool you – this guy’s got surprises up his sleeve! With over 1 and a half years under his belt, Todd has become an integral part of our team, always ready to ensure that all deliveries reach their destinations with the precision of a hole-in-one.Before joining us, Todd spent an impressive 27 years teaching golf in Japan and here’s the secret: Todd is our not-so-secret weapon during sponsorship events and fundraisers on the golf course. He brings his vibrant personality to staff events, always ready to entertain and create memorable moments for everyone. His dedication and charm make him a force to be reckoned with.Get ready for unforgettable deliveries, infused with Todd’s infectious energy. We’re thrilled to have him on our team at Unger Window & Door Ltd. Buckle up for a wild ride with Todd behind the wheel!

Front of House & Service Department Administrator

Meet Rose, our dedicated Front of House & Service Department Administrator, who makes every customer interaction sparkle with her vibrant personality. Originally from Argentina, Rose’s knack for organization and meticulous attention to detail ensure our service department runs like a well-oiled machine. Rose excels at managing our front desk and extends her talents to the community as a dedicated volunteer at her son’s school. When she’s not delivering top-notch customer service, she’s likely bending into a yoga pose or transforming spaces with her keen eye for home renovations. Whether she’s organizing school events or streamlining office operations, Rose does it all with a flair that’s uniquely her own.

Junior Residential Installer

Introducing Aman, our focused Junior Residential Installer. With a background in trims, moldings & finishings, Aman likes to ensure every installation is picture-perfect. He is constantly seeking to learn and refine his techniques, striving for perfection in every project. Aman’s commitment to excellence helps us raise the bar in residential installations. When he’s not mastering his craft, Aman is all about embracing the great outdoors. An avid swimmer and fitness enthusiast, he’s almost as dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as he is to squaring up window frames. And here’s a fun fact: Aman was a beach volleyball star in high school! Whether he’s setting up the perfect window or spiking a volleyball on the beach, Aman brings joy and dedication to everything he does.

Logistics & Delivery Driver

Meet Karine, our spirited Junior Salesperson, lighting up the residential window scene at our company. With a robust background from running her own concrete business to steering customers right as a service advisor for a car dealership. Karine brings a treasure-trove of passion to her role and thrives on connecting with the ‘real’ decision-makers of any home (wink, wink to our savvy woman homeowners) guiding them with expertise that enlightens and empowers.In her professional realm, Karine excels at offering solutions that blend aesthetics with functionality. Off the clock, she might be found in her garden cultivating rare squash varieties or strategizing over a board-game with her four kids. Karine’s approachable demeanor and sharp insight make her a standout member of our team.