What to do when you are having your windows replaced and FAQ's:

How to prepare for having your windows replaced?
  • Remove blind systems from window openings, including the installation brackets.
  • Move furniture at least 3-4ft away from window openings and ensure that installers will have a clear path.
  • During installation, clear the driveway for work vehicles.
  • Allocate a spot to offload your new windows that is as protected as possible. (Garage or carport is preferable)
  • Remove pictures &/or trinkets that are at risk of falling. While operating, some vibrations can cause pictures to fall off walls or trinkets to fall off small shelves.
  • Cover electronics or precious items with sheets where protection from dust is desired.
What happens if rot is discovered?

During the install process, we have the opportunity to check to make sure there is no water damage, no rot &/or mold. But what happens if some is discovered? This is a very common question and the answer is: “it depends”.

In the case that we find water damage, rot &/or mold we will bring it to your attention and together assess the condition of the building materials. In some cases, damage is surface level and can be cleaned up &/or fixed by our professional team.

We then take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again in the future. However, in the case where damage is severe and steps need to be taken to address the structural integrity of your home, we would recommend that you rely on the expertise of a third party to perform more extensive repairs.

Are there any chemicals I need to be concerned with?

At Unger Window & Door we pride ourselves on the materials we use. Using proper materials makes the installation easier and ensures the life-long satisfaction of your new windows. We view this as a win-win. The materials required can vary depending on your specific installation requirements. In some cases silicone sealants have a chemically activated curing process and the cleaning materials needed may have low amounts of VOC off gassing.

This can include acetic acid, alcohols, acetone, ammonia & more. I tis important to note that VOC off gassing only occurs when these specific materials are wet (uncured). Many chemical processes are accelerated at higher temperatures, and this includes VOC off gassing. If you have a sensitivity to chemical smells, please be sure to let us know.

Will my new windows fix my condensation problem?

This is a great question that has a complicated answer. It is a common misconception that windows are the cause of condensation, this is not true. Do new windows help? Absolutely!

Condensation is visible evidence of moisture in the air. This can occur more severely during the winter months because of the extreme differences between the inside and outside air temperatures. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold. This means that as air in the center of a room moves closer to the cooler components of your building enclosure (windows),the less moisture it can hold. When the moisture level exceeds the maximum that the air at its temperature can hold it appears in the form of water droplets (condensation) on glass and frames of windows. Condensation occurs on inside window surfaces whenever the surface temperature falls below the dew point temperature of the room and can be a signal to reduce the humidity level in your home. The lower the outside temperature, the lower the threshold of maximum humidity before condensation occurs.

IN FACT: sometimes new energy-efficient replacement windows may show more condensation than your old drafty ones. It’s simple – your old windows were not airtight and allowed humidity to escape. Now that your new windows create a tighter seal, the extra moisture in your home is unable to escape, therefore making you more aware of excess humidity.

If you would like more information on this phenomenon, please inquire with one of our window professionals who would be happy to talk with you.

The installation process:

So you’ve decided to get new windows. Congratulations! With the help of our experts you have found a high quality window product that fits your needs. Now the installation of your new windows is just as important! Window performance is not only based on high quality product selection but also proper installation. Even the highest quality windows will underperform if they are not installed correctly. Your home is unique. In the renovation business, there is hardly such a thing as “standard”. That is why we install your custom windows with an installation application that is specific to your home.

Your installation team is outfitted with a mobile workshop equipped to handle all varieties of window installation applications along with the unforeseen challenges that come along side any renovation project. The lead installer will make introductions, coordinate and keep you updated on the agenda for the day as well as progress throughout the job. He will also be available to answer any questions you might have. It is important that we find a power supply for the work truck and typically at the start of a project we like to offload your new windows. This keeps them protected and also gives us the ability to put your old windows in the truck for disposal and remove them.

At the end of each day, we commit to cleaning up our work area to ensure we have as low an impact as possible. Once your installation is complete your lead installer will go through a quality control inspection with you. We take this time to look for any small deficiencies that can be fixed right away and note down any significant deficiencies that may require a warranty claim. We will have a completion package for you containing warranty information as well as information on how to leave feedback. Feedback is important to us as it helps us in our constant strive to be better at what we do, and it also helps other home owners looking for our services.

What about my existing alarm system?

Unger Window & Door is not licensed to install or reinstall security alarm systems sometimes found in window openings. In the case that a security alarm system is present it will be important for you to coordinate with your security company to arrange to have the alarm system reconnected.

As long as it does not compromise the integrity of the window, Unger Window & Door in preparation for this process will snip the existing security contact, drill &prep your new window for the alarm system, and fish the security wire in place during installation.

Compromising scenarios include alarm systems wired up through the bottom of the window, or if the alarm wire is too short to be routed. If your security company has other specific instruction or preferences, please feel free to let us know so that we can accommodate.

Is there anything I need to do after my window replacement is completed?

The short answer is YES. Depending on the specific application of your window installation there may be some painting required. Unger Window & Door uses building materials that are factory primed. This primarily includes: exterior comb face or smart-trims, interior trims, exterior & interior caulking.

Painting is an important component to the longevity of the building materials we use. In the case that your specific window installation application requires the use of exterior trims and you would like to paint them prior to your scheduled install date, we can certainly accommodate that request.

What about warranty? How do I submit a claim if I need one?

This is easy. Just call us! At Unger Window & Door, your service does not end when our crew leaves the job. We are committed to maintaining our relationship with all of our customers even after your new windows are installed. Your new windows will have a manufacturer’s warranty.

If you ever experience any problems, give us a call. We can submit a warranty claim on your behalf. It is much easier for us to talk to the manufacturer than it is for you and that is a service we are committed to providing for you. We can schedule a site-visit if necessary to collect pictures, serial numbers, window location and any/all other information required to process your warranty claim. Then, we will process it for you.

What should I do if I experience condensation?

New energy efficient LowE & Argon windows help keep the interior surface temperature of your glass warmer, thus increasing the amount of moisture the air can hold and increasing the dew point.

A dehumidifier can be installed to remove excess moisture from the air, especially if you are able to locate which room is the primary culprit (often the crawlspace).

Also note that a lot of items and activities can contribute to moisture content in the air such as:plants, cooking, boiling/steaming water, a gas fireplace, taking showers, washing/drying machines, a lack of airflow, even washing your floors. Always be sure to have proper ventilation during or after these activities are done via an exhaust fan or open window.

When is a glass defect NOT a defect?

You just spent a significant chunk of cash on upgrading your windows. Expectations are high and they should be! However glass isn't perfect. It’s a topic worth talking about because we need to understand it before we can conquer the myth. Anyone can find imperfections in glass if they look close enough and hard enough. The important thing to remember is that glass is meant to be looked through, not at.

Unger Window & Door Ltd follows the ASTM American Society for Testing & Materials glass standards. Before pointing out defects and imperfections, understanding ASTM inspection criteria is very important. It outlines things such as inspection distance, lighting requirements, inspection times etc. Here is the short version:

  1. Move away from the glass and stand back 10 feet.
  2. Face the glass straight-on at 90 degrees.
  3. View in daylight but not direct sunlight.
  4. Inspect the central 80% portion of the glass.

Under these conditions, if you can’t see it - it is not considered a defect.

If you have any questions, or if you need any more information. Please reach out to your window professional and we would be happy to go into more detail about ASTM standards, can provide more documentation or give a brief summary of some key parts of the ASTM.

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